Teachers Get Their Pay Raises

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Tallahassee, FL -- Florida's legislature has put aside $480 million in the budget for every teacher, and originally it was thought that they'd have to wait until June of 2014 to receive those. That's no longer the case.

The pay increase may not be as lofty as a $2500 across-the-board raise called for by Florida Governor Rick Scott. They also could be locally decided based on student performance.

Florida Education Association spokesman Mark Pudlow said that any raise is good for teachers after not receiving one for years, but the system is still imperfect.

"Well I mean everyone else who's getting a raise in state government is not tied to a performance aspect of it, so, in that case, teachers and instructional personnel feel a little bit singled out," said Pudlow.

Scott is calling the teacher pay raises a "win." Now it's up to local districts to figure out how they're going to get their teachers the extra cash.

"We have an approved teacher evaluation system that's approved by the department of education...It bases the classroom observations with the piece around scores, and student performance, and student achievement," said Leon County Schools Assistant Superintendent Scotty Crowe.

Crowe says those evaluations will be brought to the collective bargaining table within the next few months to figure out how much of a raise teachers will get.

Now that the districts are charged with deciding each teacher's raise there is no set date on when they will be doled out.


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