Thomasville Sends Off National Guard Troops

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By: Bailey Myers
July 7th, 2013

Thomasville, GA - The Georgia Army National Guard, 1230th Transportation Company boarded busses for their upcoming deployment overseas Sunday.

The twelve thirtieth transportation company otherwise known as the Road Dawgs are on their way. Leaving their home base of Thomasville to prepare for their mission in Afghanistan.

Even though not all of the 150 members of this company are even from the area, that didn't stop this city from giving them a proper goodbye.

Captain Brantley Lockhart of the Georgia Army National Guard explained, "Well I mean obviously it's about family and for us to have somebody that's not our family become our family it's a pretty big deal and the city of Thomasville and Thomas County has done an amazing job."

Sunday wasn't just about soldiers marching to battle, it was about a city and its soldiers.

And no matter where they came from, whether it's North Georgia or New Jersey, they are the Road Dawgs from Thomasville.

Sergeant Sahasha Anderson of the Georgia Army National Guard said, "It's an amazing feeling knowing you have the town's support as well as your family support and everybody behind us. It makes us feel like we have a back up. We have people to call on and that's amazing."

A support system for the families these soldiers are leaving behind. As they kiss their loved ones goodbye one last time, they know they are leaving them with those who pray for their safe return.

The soldiers received a police escort from Thomasville all the way to the Tallahassee Regional Airport. They then left for Texas where they will train before heading to Afghanistan.

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