Sticker May Solve Trouble At The Pump

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By Bailey Myers
July 11, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - You may be seeing a sticker on the pump when you pull up to gas stations in the future. It won't be increase in the cost of gas, but rather-- a phone number to help people in need.

Dr. JR Harding: "Existing law says that persons requiring assistance or qualified members with disablilities will get some assistance."

Assistance at the pump for people like Dr. JR Harding, getting in and out of their vehicle, is a pretty big task. In some instances it's even impossible when there isn't enough room for his lift. That's why during Tuesday's Leon County Commission Meeting he demanded change.

Harding asked for the county to consider mandating petroleum based businesses place a sticker with the hours and phone number to which assisistance can be made available. The representative for Petroleum Companies Ned Bowman attended the meeting as well.
And although he said these businesses were not opposed to listing a phone number for those disabled individuals to call...He did have a problem with the other proposal.

"One of the issues we have is with the hours of service."
During the meeting he explained by listing those hours of service would mean possibly setting up a business for a law suit if they didn't have someone available within that time frame.

For now, the county commissioners passed option one for a sticker that lists the phone number. Dr. Harding says that's not enough.
"Is my time any less valuable than yours?"

County commissioners plan to discuss the issue again, including the list of phone numbers at the pump-- during a September 10th meeting.


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