Store Clerk Held at Gunpoint in Weekend Robbery [SLIDE SHOW]

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By: Kara Duffy

Thomasville, GA - The hunt is on for two men who held a store clerk at gunpoint during a weekend robbery.

The Dollar General along West Jackson Street is where police say two men, boldly walked in the front door shortly after 9:00 Friday night, demanding money.

Surveillance video shows the men both wearing clothing to cover their faces. Here you see the man with the blue t shirt around his mouth comes in, pointing a long gun at the clerk.

The other man wearing a book bag, followed in behind him.
Police say that's when the two started yelling at the clerk to give them all the money.

Police say there were about 20 people inside the store at the time and you can see several of them scurry when they realize what's going on.

Chief Ellis C. Jackson, Thomasville Police Department:
"At the time, the store is full of customers and all the customers panicked; they got in their defense mode and tried to find some refuge to get away from the incident of two males in the store, you know, robbing the store."

Police say they believe the gunmen themselves, began to panic in response to the customers. That's when they ran off, empty handed.

Witnesses told police the men drove off in a black sedan type car and headed toward the downtown area. Right now that's the only lead police have. They're asking anyone with information on this crime to contact them immediately.

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