Two Tallahassee Men Arrested For Kidnapping

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Two Tallahassee men are accused of trying to kidnap a young woman.

According to Tallahassee Police, it happened Saturday night near the corner of Virginia and Raven behind the West Tennessee Street strip.

21 year old Francisco Yanez and 19 year old Raymundo Martinez each face multiple charges including kidnapping.

Court records say Martinez grabbed the woman in her private area and then tried to drag her into a car.

But a friend elbowed Martinez in the head and he let go of the woman.

The victim tells us she's a University of Florida student who was visiting Tallahassee for a friend's 21st birthday.

Court records say Martinez and Yanez left the scene in the Volkswagen Passat they were driving.

But they were caught when police spotted the car returning to the scene.

Francisco Yanez
Raymundo Martinez

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