Valdosta Leaders Show Off Downtown Development

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By Greg Gullberg
July 23, 2013

Valdosta, GA - Taking a tour of Downtown Valdosta. A dozen Mainstreet directors from across South Georgia and the state director from Atlanta got a first hand look at how the city has grown over the years all through their redevelopment programs.

"It's the uniqueness of our downtowns and central business districts that give us our sense of character. So that when I'm right here in Valdosta, I know I'm in Valdosta. I'm not in Blackshear. I'm not in Marietta," said Billy Peppers, Georgia Downtown Development Director.

"It's just a time to build each other up and share success stories and trials and tribulations about what's going on in downtowns across the state," said Amanda Peacock, Valdosta Mainstreet Director.

They got to see businesses like "Client Tell" that renovated Valdosta's oldest building while preserving its history.

Downtown has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 15 years. Numerous businesses have flourished and the ally is completely revamped.

"When we create a sense of place like this in our downtown areas we create jobs and small businesses. So it's good for our managers across the southern region of Georgia to get to come in and see a city that has been as successful as Valdosta has," said Peppers.

Almost 100 Georgia cities participate in the Mainstreet program. Peppers says they've created 2,600 jobs every year, for the last ten years.


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