Valdosta Overpass Construction Ahead Of Schedule

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By Greg Gullberg
Aug 20, 2013

Valdosta, GA - In an age where it seems nothing gets done on time it's good to know a major Valdosta construction project is running ahead of schedule.

Crews have been working for nine months on the new overpass being built over the railroad tracks on West Hill Ave. / Highway 84. It is now more than 10% ahead of schedule according to project manager Brian Starling.

The ramp walls are taking shape and pillars are going in around the tracks. But officials want to remind drivers passing through there is illegal if you can avoid it.

"We need to have people avoiding this area so we can have safety for the construction crews working out there. They're walking back and forth across the road way and working very close to those travel lanes. We want that traffic to be just for those local businesses and local residents who work in that area," said Corey Hull, Transportation Planner.

Officials expect the overpass will be finished by Christmas of next year.


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