Valdosta Police Department Aims To Increase Neighborhood Watches

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By Eames Yates
July 17, 2013

Valdosta, GA - Valdosta Police Chief Brian Childress says "we want these groups out there but we also want them to understand you have limitations, you have guidelines. Your guidelines are simply this: you just pick up the phone and dial 911."

The Valdosta Police Department wants more neighborhood watches. There are currently five in the city but at one time there were as many as twenty three. For those that live under the umbrella of a neighborhood watch it can make all the difference.

Rosie Williams is part of a neighborhood watch. She said "it helps me out a whole lot. I can rest better knowing that I'm in a safer neighborhood."

Williams also says she gets a sense of community from the watch.

Her granddaughter, Trumonie Jones, said "when I come over here she tells me how people in the neighborhood are speaking to her, they come over to her house and talk to her and she feels a lot safer."

But for some the added benefit isn't a cure all.

Valdosta resident Eric Small said "the threat is always there because of the simple fact that not everybody's always watching. You can be looking one way and the perp is coming the other way."

But the cops and those in the watch say it makes a difference. The Valdosta Police Department says that crime goes down as much as sixty five percent in areas that have a neighborhood watch.

If you want to start a neighborhood watch contact Officer Vernotis Williams. His number is (229) 242-2606 Ext. 4090 or (229) 292 7785

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