Volunteers Burdened By Soaring Gas Prices

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By: Matt Galka
February 18, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Meet Tom Longerbeam. He's been volunteering with Elder Care services in Tallahassee for 13 years.

Longerbeam is a substitute delivery driver for Meals on Wheels.

"On this particular route, a lot of the substitutes don't like to do it because it takes a lot of gas and it takes a lot of time," said Longerbeam as he loaded his car with the hot food.

The gas prices are a real concern for volunteers. They pay for their own fuel, and as the prices continue to soar, so does the price to provide needed food to clients.

The dedication is still there for Tom and many others.

"Even when it spiked to for dollars, we didn't lose a single volunteer," he said about the last fuel spike in 2012.

But things will continue to get tougher if gas continues on the current trend. Fuel has risen in cost every day for the past month.

Volunteers can claim the mileage on their federal tax returns, but only get 14 cents a mile.

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