'Vote No' For Consolidation March

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For the second week in a row, protesters picket outside the Chamber of Commerce to the tune of: 'No Consolidation'.
But unlike the occupy movement, this rally has one message; one voice.
They say: 'Vote No'.
Marching through the streets of downtown Valdosta.
Parents, teachers, and politicians alike made their voices heard.
They reject CUEE's consolidation plan.
"Well because they're trying to divide our community, they're trying to divide our schools. They say they want to unify but everything they do is divisive," says protester and mother Etta Mims.
The crowd, more than 200 strong is unwavering in their fight.
They know what's most important to them.
"Because my kids go to Valdosta city schools and they're getting a great education. And I want to save our school system," says protester and mother Bonnie Ard.
From the Chamber of Commerce to Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park, they have a police escort every step of the way.
But what does Valdosta's first black mayor say about it?
"Just Vote No," the Mayor chants from a podium.
Mayor Sonny Vickers is one of the strongest opponents of the consolidation plan.
"The group that's pushing this has no authority. No kind of plan to tell us anything. Because they are not on the board. So they cannot tell us anything specific about what's going to happen," says Mayor Vickers.
The next open forum on consolidation is Tuesday.
Buses are being used to transport people there.
The election is November 8th.

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