WWII Veteran Makes Final Trip To Iwo Jima

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By: Emily Johnson
March 26, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - Retired General Lawrence Snowden of the United States Marine Corps just returned from his final trip to Iwo Jima. General Snowden enlisted into the USMC just days after Pearl Harbor.

Since World War Two General Snowden has made several trips to the island, but he wanted to go one last time to remember his fallen marines.

He spoke tonight at the Tallahassee chapter of the Military Officers Association of America about his final trip.

General Snowden remembered what Iwo Jima was like.
"The problem with Iwo Jima is we were on it, they were in it. Iwo Jima is a simple 8 square mile volcanic rock, but they had 17 miles of tunnels," said General Snowden.

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