Wakulla Board Eliminates County Control Over Wetlands

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson

September 17, 2013

Wakulla County, FL--Wakulla County Commissioners voted to eliminate county control over the wetlands and the board wants the state to handle it.

The board met last night and voted 3 to 1 to eliminate local wetlands restrictions. The local rules say buildings can only be built within a 75 foot buffer. Now, the state of Florida will regulate where property can be built from now on. According to county commissioner, Ralph Thomas, this decision will not diminish wetlands protection.

"If their is regulations that are currently in place at the state and federal level we need to let them do there job, let them take the risk if their is going to be a chance of a lawsuit," said Wakulla County Commissioner Ralph Thomas. "We need to let them stand up and pay for that. Our county is not in a position to defend those lawsuits."

The public will get to vote on whether or not to keep the local wetlands ordinance only if the Wakulla Wetlands Alliance receives 6,000 signatures on their petition.

If the organzation receives that many it will be put on the November 2014 ballot.


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