Walker Ford's Father Figure Retiring

By Julie Montanaro
June 28, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - A man who's been a father figure to generations of young people is retiring.

Joe Thomas is retiring after 37 years with Tallahassee Parks and Recreation. He has worked at the Walker Ford Community Center in Tallahassee since it opened.

Thomas's colleagues today hailed him as the backbone of the Bond Community and one even suggested he wear a super-hero suit with the letters "JT" on it.

Those who work with Thomas say he has been a father figure to many children growing up without one.

"That's to me what life's about. You want to make some kind of impact in some young person's life because eventually they're going to become adults. We are the caretakers of our future," he said.

The city is naming the gymnasium at Walker Ford after Thomas.

A community celebration is planned Saturday from noon until three.

The city has not yet named a new director for the center.

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