Warning to Students About Textbook Theft

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Tallahassee, FL -- Even if you don't know much about history and don't know much biology, you probably know the textbooks for those college subjects cost big bucks.

Florida State Freshman Thomas Stirrat doesn't even know his yearly text tab.

"Oh God quite a bit of money, I really have no idea," said Sirrat while he was in line at Bill's Bookstore to trade-in books.

Stirrat and thousands of other students are swapping their books for cash at the end of the year, but the FSU Police have a warning.

"People get their textbooks stolen, because it's book buy back time and the bad guys know that," said Major Jim Russell of the Florida State Police Department.

Russell says that the thieves grab textbooks and sell them at bookstores or online for cash.

Getting an expensive book stolen is enough to make a student angry, but having that book sold and the thief pocketing the cash is enough to make some students infuriated.

"I would be even more pissed because, um, that's my money, I paid for that, I should be able to get my money back," said FSU Student Kelli Wilkinson.

Unfortunately for students it's not just all books, the FSU Police Department says that many more technological tools are being targeted now, too.

"Tablets, laptops, smart phones and that kind of thing, those are becoming a popular item to steal...It's just a classic thing you leave it unattended and somebody's going to be looking for that situation and can easily walk away with it," said Russell.

FSU PD has only two reports of stolen textbooks for the 2013 Spring Finals. The department says that when they get calls on these incidents they alert local bookstores to keep an eye out for the stolen property.

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