Website Helps Drivers Find Carpool Partners

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Tallahassee, FL -- March 7, 2012 --

Everybody knows small ways to save on gas; make sure your tires are properly inflated and don't run your vehicle while in park.

Commuter Services of North Florida has come out with several new options to save money.

Pat Maurer who works for Commuter Services of North Florida says taking the metro bus in Tallahassee not only can save you money but also lets people that need to stay connected a chance to work using free WI-FI.
"You can just hop on and spend those 40 minutes on your laptop reading your emails getting up to speed and make use of that time other than just focusing on the start and stop traffic in front of you," said Maurer.

Carpooling is another way to save gas this time of year. One of the issues though people have is they can't find that person to carpool with. Now there's a solution.

Once you put your work schedule and other information into the company's database the system connects you to other drivers. It's almost like an for drivers.

"So what our computer system does is enable you to avoid having to personally search through all those names your neighbors matching work schedules."

The following is the website then click find carpoolers.

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