Wednesday Morning Weather

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A few sprinkles last evening, wasn't that nice?!?!

Clearing takes over today, and we stay clear for a while. Lows this morning in the 40s and 50s, highs today into the low 70s. Tonight, after a sunny and mild day, it'll stay clear and get cool. Some spots can fall to the upper 30s, most in the lower 40s. So it's a chilly start to Thanksgiving. Nothing but sunshine during the day should provide for a beauty. Highs into the low and mid 70s. Clear skies again lead to COLD temps Friday morning. Could see mid-30s in spots... and we should stay dry thru the weekend, but chilly. Highs Saturday only in the mid and upper 60s (gameday forecast looks good! A little breezy, that's all) and lows on Sunday, mean it could get FROSTY...!

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