What Halloween Costumes Were Most Popular This Year?

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By: Bailey Myers
October 31st, 2013

Tallahassee FL- The sun will set soon, and ghosts goblins and super heroes will soon be knocking on your door. Shops like the Magic and Fun Shop are swamped with folks trying to find the perfect costume, mask or wig.

It's not just little ones dressing up to trick or treat either, adults headed to costume parties are plunking down dollars to rent and buy costumes too.

We had ask-- which costumes are the most popular right now? Magic and Fun Costume Shop Owner, Phil Sass said, "Superman, batman, spiderman, all those differnt license characters are always really good."

So, you might just see more than one batman or superman out tonight. The Magic and Fun Costume Shop in Tallahassee has been around for thirty five years.