A Look At Emerging Workplace Trends This Labor Day

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Associated Press Release

CHICAGO (AP) -- As America pays tribute to its labor force, significant new trends are emerging in the workplace.

Outplacement firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas says an estimated 1 in 3 employees are now contingent workers, such as freelancers, contractors, consultants and temporary workers. CEO John Challenger says some estimates show they will grow to 50 percent of the workforce by 2020.

Remote workers, or telecommuters, are on the rise, too. Challenger says more and more companies are taking advantage of new technologies to save costs on real estate and hire employees with the requisite skills, wherever they live.

In line with more telecommuting comes what Challenger calls BYOD -- Bring Your Own Device. He says there's a trend toward employees using their own tools in a hi-tech world, cutting company expenses for equipment.

As for connecting job seekers with jobs, Challenger says the resume doesn't count for much anymore. Employers have become skeptical of the information they contain, and even reports from colleges. So they're turning to the Collegiate Learning Assessment to test knowledge and they're using new ways to screen applicants, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and video profiles.


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