World War II Veteran In Pending Court Dispute Dies

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A World War II veteran in an ongoing court battle with his son has died.

Walter Godwin, 88, passed away Wednesday morning.

Godwin claimed his son Bobby stole Grady County farm land from him.

In January, Walter Godwin won a court battle in Thomas County over his son after a judge ruled his complaint could move forward.

Family members say they're going to consult with their attorney before deciding whether or not to move forward with the case.

A viewing for Walter Godwin will take place Saturday at Clark Funeral Home in Cairo.

He will be buried at Mizpah Cemetery on Sunday,

A World War II veteran has won a court battle over his son in a farm dispute.

Last month, Walter Godwin was in Thomas County Court.

His son Bobby's attorney had filed a motion to throw out Walter's appeal of a decision against him in the Grady County farm land dispute.

However the judge denied the motion.

Walter claims his son wrongfully took his land from him.

His son claims Walter gave it to him and his children.

A World War II veteran's farm land dispute with his son brought the two sides to court Tuesday.

We first introduced you to Walter Godwin on WCTV Eyewitness News at 6 Monday night.

He wants to appeal a judge's decision in favor of his son Bobby and his children involving Grady County, Georgia farm land.

However, Bobby's attorney Robb Howell argued the appeal should be dismissed because Walter's attorney failed to file court fees in a timely fashion.

Walter's attorney Jeremy Lynch argued the filing delay was reasonable because records sent to the appeals court were changed twice.

Walter has offered to settle the case with his son without success.

"My son's got more land than I've got and why he is so determined to take mine and give it to whoever he wants," said Walter. "He didn't work for the land it's mine and not his," he said.

We asked Bobby Godwin why he won't settle the case with his father as he left the courtroom.

However, he didn't respond and left without comment.

Judge Albert Rahn says he'll make a decision on the motion to dismiss Walter's appeal in the next seven days.

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