Zimmerman Case Has Ties to Florida State

By: Eyewitness News
By: Eyewitness News
Attorneys on both sides of the case that

Mark O'Mara, attorney for George Zimmerman, addresses reporters outside his offices in Orlando, Fla., Wednesday, April 11, 2012. Zimmerman, 28, the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder Wednesday after weeks of mounting tensions and protests across the country. O'Mara said Zimmerman would plead not guilty. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

Tallahassee, FL -- April 13, 2012 --

Attorneys on both sides of the case that's dominated national headlines have local ties.

They're both FSU Law School graduates.

George Zimmerman is now being represented by Mark O'Mara. He's a 1982 FSU law graduate.

Ben Crump, who graduated from FSU's law school in 1995 is representing Trayvon Martin's family.

Zimmerman says he shot unarmed Martin in self-defense and has pleaded not guilty.

The lack of an arrest for more than 40 days led to protests nationwide.

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  • by Mr. love on Apr 13, 2012 at 07:46 PM
    Its all about love now man, love knows no color "not black nor white, nor even golden man who is ?? white'. Green it be, civil law suits can now commence as 'charges have been filed'. suite one - Georges family and house suite two - gated community for not providing enough security to keep poor ole spittle's goodie 17 year old man from entering. suite three - home owners association. GANSTA - life with flea market teeth, sure pay's good money dee's days.
    • reply
      by j on Apr 14, 2012 at 05:03 AM in reply to Mr. love
  • by Who cares? on Apr 13, 2012 at 06:01 PM
    I can understand the story of O'Mara being a FSU graduate. But why are they talking like Crump is part of this case. He is neither the defense team nor is he part of the prosecutor's team. He is only the attorney for the parents, why do they have an attorney, are they on trail? Crump is only looking to make headlines for his firm and he could care less about how this trail turns out. As long as he has a camera stuck in his face. Maybe he should give the parents some advise and tell them to lay low and stop making comments on the case. I think the mother slipped with her statement on Wednesday when she stated "this whole thing was an accident". Even though she came back and tried to explain it the next day, the damage had been done. Once a statement is made you can't come back and say you didn't mean it that way. I feel that all of the interviews and constant media attention with the parents has hurt this case and will probably allow Zimmerman to walk. If the people would have let the law do their jobs and collect all of the evidence properly, instead of trying to force them to hurry up and make an arrest has hurt this case from the beginning. I feel for the parents but think that they should retain a lawyer that wants to see justice done the correct way, instead of one that is only out for publicity, like Jose Bias was in the Anthony case. All of the statements of the mother saying the screams on the tape was her son and the girlfriend saying that Trayvon told her he was scared. Give them all a lie detector including Zimmerman. I bet the results won't be in favor of the procecution. I hope justice is done in this case, either for Trayvon or Zimmerman.
    • reply
      by jw on Apr 14, 2012 at 04:56 AM in reply to Who cares?
      bet they would. lay it on.
    • reply
      by Crump on Apr 15, 2012 at 03:58 AM in reply to Who cares?
      Mr Crump is there for damage control, the bombshell of Trayvon being suspended from school for marijuana would be a cause for coverup. Heaven forbid that all the truth come out. Mr. Crump subscribes to the philosophy that the truth is just one point of view.
  • by phillip on Apr 13, 2012 at 05:11 PM
    I can't believe people don't understand the basic flaw in the prosecutor's case: gallons of reasonable doubt that Mark O'Mara will flood their brains with. No witnesses, circumstantial evidence, stand your ground. Get the dirt on Trayvon's real character. Piece of cake. Zimmerman walks.
    • reply
      by Anonymous on Apr 13, 2012 at 05:37 PM in reply to phillip
      Actually, there was a witness. The witness said Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman beating him.
      • reply
        by jw on Apr 14, 2012 at 04:55 AM in reply to
        really!! funny the conner said no way. trayvon hands and soforth DID NOT HAVE ANY SIGNS OF BEING USED FOR BEATING ANY THING.
        • reply
          by Jess on Apr 14, 2012 at 01:44 PM in reply to jw
          What is a conner? The autopsy results are sealed. The undertaker that you likely are referring to is biased and not a licensed M.E.
    • reply
      by Anonymous on Apr 13, 2012 at 05:38 PM in reply to phillip
      You watch too much TV, Phillip. What is your degree in?
      • reply
        by phillip on Apr 14, 2012 at 05:36 AM in reply to
        Red herring argument about my degrees, hiding behind the generic "Anonymous" nametag. This isn't about you, nincompoop.
      • reply
        by Anonymous on Apr 14, 2012 at 01:45 PM in reply to
        Sounds like you are the one watching too much T.V.
        • reply
          by phillip on Apr 14, 2012 at 03:10 PM in reply to
          Anonymous can't get past the ad hominem arguments. The topic is Mark O'Mara's capabilities "as an FSU law school grad," not sniping other commenters. Does this make you feel like a better man? You're pathetic. I'm going to watch a soap opera now.
    • reply
      by Anonymous on Apr 13, 2012 at 05:58 PM in reply to phillip
      People don't understand because they have been dumbed down, brainwashed, and are just plain stupid. The affidavit reads like it was written by a 6 grader.
    • reply
      by Kay on Apr 13, 2012 at 06:08 PM in reply to phillip
      Not to mention the mother making a statement that this was all an accident. I think the family should stop talking to the media. That statement I'm sure will be brought out during the trail. The best they can do now is let Law Enforcement due their job properly but I'm afraid that with all of the pressure in the beginning to have an arrest has compromised this case. I think Zimmerman will walk in the end, just like Anthony did. When people are rushed to do their job it opens a huge gap for mistakes to be made. I think the public pressure in this case has only harmed it. Too much dought and he said, she said in the case. I do agree that Zimmerman will walk, when at first I thought he was guilty, but no more.
  • by Anonymous on Apr 13, 2012 at 04:28 PM
    Crump is an embarrassment to FSU. Not integrity.
    • reply
      by Jess on Apr 14, 2012 at 01:46 PM in reply to
      Hey. Don't dump on Crump. He is one of the best ambulance chasers in the state of Florida.
      • reply
        by maisie on Apr 14, 2012 at 03:12 PM in reply to Jess
        How dare you say that about Mr. Crump? Fonvielle, Lewis, Foote, and Messer are THE BEST ambulance chasers in the State of Florida.
    • reply
      by Smart on Apr 14, 2012 at 06:30 PM in reply to
      And was number in FSU's graduating class. Seem's like FSU is not too embarrassed. Now where did you receive your degree from?
  • by Rick Location: Tallahassee on Apr 13, 2012 at 04:12 PM
    Daryl Parks, Ben Crump's law partner, is a FAMU grad & former FAMU Trustee. Thank God for Parks & Crump.
    • reply
      by Amy on Apr 13, 2012 at 07:22 PM in reply to Rick
      Having anything to do with FAMU is not something I would be proud of.
    • reply
      by Anonymous on Apr 14, 2012 at 08:00 AM in reply to Rick
      Fraudulent bloodletters at their finest. These guys are crooks and should be ashamed of themselves.
  • by say what?? on Apr 13, 2012 at 03:42 PM
    This is news? Who cares?
  • by Black flag on Apr 13, 2012 at 03:39 PM
    Who cares?
  • by Jess Location: Jess.james@embarqmail.com on Apr 13, 2012 at 03:35 PM
    His arraignment isn't until the end of May so how has he officially plead anything? o'Mara can come up and explain that statute 776.041 is NOT the SYG law. It is a separate statute. SYG is part 3) of 776.013 and states "who is attacked" in the first sentence. Mike Vasalinda seems to be struggling with that one.
    • reply
      by Anonymous on Apr 13, 2012 at 05:55 PM in reply to Jess
      I agree, however, it would be better for Zimmerman, if the SYG law was used. If it is used, and he is acquitted, the state will have to pay his court costs, lawyers fees, etc. Also, under STG he is immune from civil suits, which otherwise he would be subject to.
      • reply
        by Jess on Apr 14, 2012 at 01:47 PM in reply to
        That wasn't my point but I agree. My point is that Mike Vasalinda keeps mixing the two statutes.
        • reply
          by Anonymous on Apr 14, 2012 at 03:54 PM in reply to Jess
          Point taken. No offense intended. 99% of the people have no idea what the laws actually say, nor are they even interested. Most won't bother to look them up, nor will they read them if you copy and paste them here. I stopped wasting my time with it.
  • by Mecq on Apr 13, 2012 at 02:19 PM
    Mr. Crump is an outstanding Attorney.! With God & He on your side...you can't lose. The parents of Trayvon are shattering the myth of the uneducated, grammatically incorrect, project bound African American parents. I say God's blessings to you all. May Trayvon's death not be in vain. And may the trial be held anywhere but JAX; or anywhere else in North FL.
    • reply
      by Joe on Apr 13, 2012 at 07:23 PM in reply to Mecq
      What do you mean they are shattering the myth? The mother can't even speak proper English 1/2 of the time.
      • reply
        by Anonymous on Apr 13, 2012 at 10:10 PM in reply to Joe
        @ Joe- Agree with you and it is ironic that Sybrina Fulton has a BA in English and Mass Communications. She knows precisely what she is saying and how to communicate it. Sort of laughable that people believe a word of it poor Mecq.
      • reply
        by jw on Apr 14, 2012 at 04:51 AM in reply to Joe
        joe, have you ever been so upset that you couldn't even talk proper. you can say you have't BUT i don't belive you. try being in her shoes and have to talk about all this.
  • by FSU Location: Tallahasee on Apr 13, 2012 at 02:13 PM
    I put my money on O'Mara, what a great lawyer he is
    • reply
      by Jess on Apr 14, 2012 at 01:48 PM in reply to FSU
      I agree. He needs to watch Corey. She was fired for her ethics and profanity back in 2006.
      • reply
        by Smart on Apr 14, 2012 at 06:33 PM in reply to Jess
        And then she ran against the idiot who fired her and won. Why don't you read dear? Reading is fundamental.
        • reply
          by Jess on Apr 14, 2012 at 09:05 PM in reply to Smart
          Actually, he retired. She won the election over another assistant state's attorney. She is just trying to use this case as a cover for her reelection. She was taking heat for trying a 12-year old black child as an adult.
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