[UPDATE] Tenn. Street Station Apartments Shooting

By: Danielle Sommerfeld Email
By: Danielle Sommerfeld Email

[UPDATE] 3-7 7:50am --

TPD UPDATE: Probable cause for the shooting incident at 600 Dixie Drive on Saturday evening (3/5). Mr. Cox was charged with the following crimes: Discharging a Firearm in Public, Criminal Mischief, Carrying a Concealed Firearm, and Grand Theft of a Firearm.

On March 5, 2011, I was dispatched to apartment 121 at Tennessee Street Station located at 600 Dixie Drive in reference to a shooting incident that had taken place. The dispatcher advised that a caller said that someone was on the balcony firing a gun towards a vehicle. When I arrived on scene, myself and other officers on scene were flagged down by the caller and he led us to the apartment where the shots had been fired from. Once the apartment was located, myself, Officer G. Roy #753, Officer R. Kelly #656, and Sergeant F. Arias #269 went up the stairs to make contact with the occupants of the apartment.

After knocking on the door, a female and the defendant later identified as Paris Cox came to the front door. Due to the possibility of them being armed, they were ordered to the ground. Another female slowly exited the apartment, and she too was told to get on the ground and not move. I stayed outside in the breezeway while the other officers cleared the residence. Shell casings were found on the balcony outside, and at that time all occupants of the apartment were place in handcuffs.

All four known occupants of the apartment were brought into the living room, and Sergeant F. Arias #269 informed everyone about the nature of the call. One of the females that were detained stated, 'Just tell them because everyone don't need to go to jail.' Once that statement was made, Cox stated that he was the one shooting on the balcony. While in handcuffs, Cox was taken into the bedroom and showed Officer G. Roy #753 where he had hidden the firearm after firing it several times on the balcony.

I took Cox from the apartment to a patrol car where I searched him and began to interview him about the incident. Post-Miranda, Cox stated that he had gone over to apartment 121 approximately 2 hours before this incident just to hang out and watch a movie. Cox stated that he took the firearm from his apartment (212) to the incident location by concealing it in his pants pocket. According to Cox, no one else in the apartment knew that he had the firearm in his possession.

Cox stated that everyone was in another bedroom when he 'felt the need to fire my gun.' Cox said that he went onto the balcony and fired approximately 7 shots into the wood line behind the apartment building. Although Cox said he was shooting into the wood line, there was a bullet hole in the front windshield of a vehicle in the parking lot directly in the line of fire where Cox was shooting. The front passenger side tire on that vehicle was also flat and the front bumper appeared to have also been struck by a projectile.

Cox said that after firing the weapon, he went back inside and the occupants of the apartment told him that he needed to leave because he was shooting a gun off of the balcony. Cox said that he was going to leave and he began to gather his belongings when he saw that the police were outside. Cox stated that his when he hid the gun in a yellow and blue shoe box in Adrianne Massey's room.

During the investigation, it was discovered that the firearm had actually been reported stolen. Cox originally stated that he had purchased the firearm from a pawn, but then stated that he actually got it from an individual named 'Lo' here in Tallahassee. Cox was unable to provide any more information in regards to Lo or where Lo got the stolen firearm from.

Massey was the individual who Cox came to visit, and according to her, they were all sitting in the living room watching movies when she 'jokingly' asked the question, 'Can I shoot your gun?' Massey said she quickly said, 'Never mind' but Cox went out onto the balcony and fired several rounds. Massey said several people downstairs began to surround the apartment and said they were calling the police. She went on to say that soon after, the police arrived, and as she opened the door, she along with Cox and Tiffany McGhee were detained. (See sworn written statement)

Due to the fact that Cox did unlawfully carry on or about his person a concealed firearm and did unlawfully and knowingly discharge a firearm in a public place, on or over the right-of-way of a paved public road, or over occupied premises and because he did willfully and maliciously injure or damage a vehicle in the parking lot by shooting the windshield, bumper, and tire, the real or personal property of Christian LaRosa, causing damages in the amount of $1,000 or greater, coupled with the fact that the firearm that Cox used in these crimes was stolen, he was arrested and charged with Carrying a Concealed Firearm, Discharging a Firearm in Public, Criminal Mischief Damages $1,000 or Greater, and Grand Theft of a Firearm. I transported Cox to the Tallahassee Police Department to be interviewed by an investigator, and then he was transported to the Leon County Jail without further incident.


Shots rang out at a student housing complex in Tallahassee.

It happened Saturday night at the Tenn Street Station Apartments at the corner of Dixie and Tennessee Street.

Police were called to the scene, but say no injuries were reported.

Charmaine Peterson says, "Last night, I got a text message from my roommates saying that there was some shooting and a lot of police over here, and I think it happened over in building one."

Police have not released any other details. Stay tuned to WCTV for the latest information as it becomes available.

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