Red Light Cameras Results at W.Tennessee Street/Capital Circle NW Intersection

By: City of Tallahassee Press Release, Lanetra Bennett Email
By: City of Tallahassee Press Release, Lanetra Bennett Email

Update 8:12pm 3/14

Tallahassee City administrators say they've issued an average of 40 tickets a day to red light runners at intersections monitored by cameras.

But, there is one intersection in particular where people really cross the line.

Motorist Evelyn Bell said, "I didn't know was it the car behind me or was it the car in front of me. So, I guess it was me."

It sure was her.

On the video taken by the red light camera, you can see the rented red Toyota that Bell was driving turning right from West Tennessee Street onto Capital Circle Northwest in Tallahassee.

That is an illegal turn at that intersection.

Bell said, "I got this letter in the mail saying I ran the red light. When I see the light turn yellow, to go ahead and stop because it's not worth it, paying the money for the ticket."

City administrators say that intersection has the most red light violations out of all six intersections that are monitored by cameras.

Data from the program shows 874 red light violations during the month of January. Of those, 659 were from drivers making that right turn from the westbound lanes.

There is a "No Turn on Red" sign posted next to the turn arrows, but, the city is asking the Florida Department of Transportation for more signage.

For now, the city has set up an electronic sign as a reminder.

Nicoliss Johnson said, "That would be a great help because when you're making that turn, if you could just see it because I've made it a few times and I'm almost stopping in the intersection because I don't see the sign saying "No Turn on Red." I guess when you get out there, guys go ahead and make it."

Administrators say it's up to the state to grant their request for additional signage at that intersection.

The following is information from the City of Tallahassee:

The Red Light Camera Safety Program, approved by the State of Florida specifies that motorists receiving a violation issued through the program will be issued a $158 civil penalty. State legislation specifies that $70 is allocated to the State of Florida, $10 to the Dept. of Health Trust Fund, $3 to the Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Trust Fund and $75 to municipality (in this case, City of Tallahassee).

While the City's primary goal is safety, revenue received from the Red Light Camera Safety Program is used to pay for City services. Of the fines collected, the City receives 47% per the legislation. To date, the City of Tallahassee has issued an average of 34 Notices of Violations per day and collected between $75,000 -$100,000 which has been allocated to the general fund. The general fund pays for basic city services such as police, parks & recreation and public works.

There has been a significant reduction in the number of red light violations when compared to the number of potential violations recorded prior to the implementation of the program. Over time, we hope to see the number of violations continue to decrease as drivers become more conscious of their actions and obey traffic signals.


Tallahassee, FL - The City of Tallahassee is issuing an alert to motorists to help prevent Red Light Camera Safety violations. Data from the City’s program reports that during the month of January, 874 red light violations occurred at the West Tennessee Street/Capital Circle NW intersection. Of those, 659 occurred in the westbound right turn lanes in which right turns on red are not permitted, as designated by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). Red light violations recorded at other monitored intersections have been significantly lower. The second highest number came from the northbound approach of the Monroe Street/Tennessee Street intersection, with 281 violations recorded in January.

FDOT prohibits right turns on red at the West Tennessee/Capital Circle NW intersection due to safety concerns caused by several factors that could potentially impede the driver’s line of sight. Factors include the number of lanes, size of the intersection and the frequency in which large trucks travel this route.

“We’ve heard from some citizens who thought the right lanes from westbound Tennessee onto northbound Capital Circle were merging lanes. They missed the state’s signage about no right on red,” said Michelle Bono, assistant to the City Manager. “For this reason, we are conducting additional outreach to help ensure our citizens know they cannot turn right on red at this approach. By continuing our outreach efforts, we are working to educate drivers and hope to see a decrease in the number of violations being reported.”

The City has requested additional signage at this intersection from FDOT to better inform drivers that right turns on red are not permitted. In the meantime and in an effort to help promote safe driving and reduce the number of violations, the City has positioned an electronic message board at this camera location to remind drivers that right turns on red are not permitted at this intersection.

Currently monitored red light camera intersections include:

• Tennessee Street/Monroe Street

• Killearn Center Boulevard/Capital Circle NE

• W. Tennessee Street/Ocala Road

• Capital Circle NW / W. Tennessee Street

• Apalachee Parkway/Magnolia Drive

• Capital Circle SE / Apalachee Parkway

As of today, with cameras monitoring six intersections, an average of 40 violations a day have been issued since the program started in August of 2010. Drivers who run red lights at monitored intersections will be mailed a Notice of Violation with a $158 fine.

For more information on the City’s Red Light Camera Safety program and “Ready. Set. STOP” campaign, visit To receive updates follow @COTTraffic on Twitter and/or sign up for the City’s email subscription service to receive general news releases at

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