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State Legislature

Language for felon voter restoration proposal OK for ballot

Florida House passes bill banning steroids for greyhounds

Florida bill gets tougher on drug trafficking offenses

Activists weigh in on stipulations of medical marijuana legislation

Pollution notification bill one step closer to reality

Florida Senate poised to regulate ride-sharers Uber, Lyft

Time to deal? Florida legislators begin gambling talks

Florida lawmakers working to implement solar tax breaks

Gov. Scott wants Lake Okeechobee dike rebuilt, supports water storage

Future of Florida greyhound racing rests in hands of proposed gambling bills

Divided Florida House votes for plan to shift students

Florida House to vote on economic incentives

Crash victims' families push for tougher texting and driving laws

Florida secretary of state could again be elected position

Florida considers issuing certificates after miscarriages

Shifting burden of proof in 'Stand Your Ground' cases

Dozier school horrors relived as Florida prepares an apology

Proposal to drug test welfare applicants returns to Florida

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