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City of Thomasville launches new tourism smartphone app

Apple wants to solve problems pinpointing 911 calls

Home surveillance growing more popular for security, peace of mind

Experts warn of growing sophistication of hackers

Net neutrality officially repealed

Report: Facebook's shared user data with select companies

Facebook ditches trending news section

Router malware around the world has some concerned locally

Controversial apps accused of marketing plastic surgery to kids

Thomas County Sheriff's Office debuts new drone

Local tech expert weighs in on Facebook using information

Teens say they’re bored with their smartphones

L.A. residents complain GPS app Waze is creating "insanity" on their street

AG Bondi trying to talk to Facebook to keep Floridians' data safe

Apple readies biggest iPhone yet: report

FWC launches new app for reporting wildlife sightings

Trump's Twitter account goes on brief hiatus

FCC chairman tells Apple to turn on iPhone's FM radio chip

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