Lawson to Face Southerland for U.S. House, District 2

By: Eyewitness News Email
By: Eyewitness News Email

August 14, 2012 - 10:30pm -

Four democratic candidates are battling for the U.S. House, District 2 spot on the November ballot.

District 2
326 of 326 precincts - 100 percent
x-Al Lawson 46,955 - 55 percent
Leonard Bembry 22,447 - 26 percent
Alvin Peters 11,951 - 14 percent
Mark Schlakman 4,667 - 5 percent

This race is being declared.

That means Lawson will face GOP Incumbent Steve Southerland in November.

Representative Steve Southerland, II issued the following statement tonight following the conclusion of the primary election for Florida’s Second Congressional District:

“Tonight marks the next step in our fight to clean up Washington’s mess. We’ve made a lot of progress, but so much work remains. Trillion dollar deficits, taxes that are too high, and a Medicare system on the brink are clear indications that the battle to advance freedom has yet to be won. I remain committed to fighting for the people and the land that I love, working with Republicans and Democrats alike to achieve real solutions for the challenges facing America.”


Transcript of Lawson Victory Speech

Thank you all very much.
We worked hard, stayed clean and gave the people of North Florida a vision and plan for the future in this campaign and they have responded.
Tonight, I am humbled and blessed by all of you and all of the voters tonight!!! (pause)
Have fun and enjoy yourself tonight because were going right back at it tomorrow
Because now it’s on to the real race for America and North Florida’s future.
Not one Congressman, Senator, DC lobbyist, or National Party person voted for me tonight. You all did…The voters of North Florida.
At some point folks who go to D.C. forgot who it is that they represent, and then they wonder why Washington is broken.
They forgot that it doesn’t matter who you work with as long as you are working for the people of your district.
They forgot that no road or bridge was ever built by just Democrats or just Republicans.
They forgot that no War was ever won by just Democrats or just Republicans.

Social Security….Medicare…
Putting a man on the moon….None of this, was done by just Democrats or just Republicans.
Congress has been taken over by partisanship,
And Tea Party extremists that would rather score political points than do the work you sent them to do and we are going to change that!!!!!
In my 30 years in the legislature, I represented most of you in this Congressional District.
It didn’t matter if you were white or black.
Rich or poor.
Fisherman or Farmer.
Rural or Urban.
Republican or Democrat.
I worked with my good friend Lawton Childes and with Jeb Bush…
Thankfully I was gone when Rick Scott got here…That would have been tough…But I still would have done it for you! (Joke)
It’s that kind of common sense thinking that has left Washington long ago and I intend to bring back.
Abraham Lincoln once said…
“The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew.”
What he was saying then, in a much more dangerous time, apply today…
The old ways of blind partisanship must stop…
Although it seems like Washington is forever broken, we must work to save it….
We must think differently, act differently and change it, by sending people to Congress who will.
With your help, I hope to do just that.
Thank you very much and God Bless!!!


FDP Chair Rod Smith Congratulates Al Lawson on CD-2 Primary Election

Following the results of tonight's primary election in which Al Lawson was elected as the Democratic nominee in Congressional District 2, the Florida Democratic Party released the following statements:


"I'd like to congratulate Al Lawson on his victory tonight -- Florida Democrats are looking forward to doing all we can to win this race and elect him to Congress. Al is a proven champion for middle class families who will stand up the extremists who are trying to end Medicare as we know it and be a strong voice for the people of north Florida. With Al Lawson as our candidate, this is a seat Democrats can and will win in November."


"Steve Southerland said he'd change Washington, but all he's done is gone Washington. He's voted in lockstep with Paul Ryan to end Medicare as we know it, slash millions in agriculture funding and give tax breaks to billionaires and millionaires — prioritizing an extreme agenda that does nothing to help businesses create jobs or grow our economy. Florida voters are tired of these broken politics from Republicans like Southerland, and Democrats are committed to running an aggressive campaign to elect Al Lawson."

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