VertiMax Launches Louisville and Wichita State into the National Semifinals

By: Sports Email
By: Sports Email

Louisville head basketball coach Rick Pitino says his team has benefited from using VertiMax as part of their training to become the overall Number 1 seed in the tournament. VertiMax, an innovator in delivering leading edge speed and vertical gains to athletes has assisted two of the four teams headed to Atlanta with a dream of playing in the National Championship game next Monday.

National Semifinal competitors, Louisville and Wichita State have incorporated the VertiMax into their training regimens to take their teams to new heights. As an alternative to traditional plyometric exercises, the VertiMax consists of a large platform and eight retractable resistance bands providing results that are unheard of in the weight room. The key to these resistance bands is their ability to allow athletes to train more efficiently and simultaneously improve not only leg strength, but arm swing velocity as well, which accounts for 10% to 13% of vertical jump performance.

“Our team has definitely seen and felt the benefits of working with the VertiMax, said Rick Pitino,” University of Louisville Head Basketball Coach. “Our schedule this year is very competitive. We need an edge for our players; Vertimax gives us that edge. During the testing of the vertical jump, my strength coach advised me that my players kept cheering VERTIMAX every time a teammate hit a higher max jump. My players and coaching staff are sold on VertiMax's effectiveness!"

Louisville and Wichita State are not the only teams to take notice of the unrivaled benefits the VertiMax offers, 5 of the 8 teams in the Elite 8 and 11 of the 16 teams that played in the Sweet 16 utilize the VertiMax in their strength and conditioning programs.

“We strive to give athletes a competitive advantage on a daily basis and it’s great to see the benefits of the VertiMax spread across the nation as more and more teams are making the decision to include the VertiMax in their strength and conditioning program,” said Michael Wehrell, President of VertiMax.

In addition to the gains seen on the basketball court, the VertiMax has also been integrated in nearly every sporting arena and used in training programs with youth athletes all the way up to the professional level. The VertiMax was developed more than 20 years ago by former University of Florida wide receiver, Michael Wehrell shortly after he ended his post-collegiate career. Since its creation, the VertiMax is currently being used by nearly 50 professional teams, as well as a majority of the top-ranked universities and high schools across the nation.

VertiMax is the most advanced sports training system designed to increase athletic performance and abilities across all sports and ages. If you're looking to increase speed, vertical jump ability and overall athleticism, VertiMax is the one sports training system designed to do it all and do it right. It is the only sports training system in the world that can simultaneously apply a load to both the legs and arms for Maximum Vertical Jump Development and it's also the world's top speed training system due to its ability to simultaneously load both the drive phase (foot in contact with ground driving) and swing phase (foot is airborne traveling to the next step) for maximum speed increases in any sport. No other sports fitness system can provide these training advantages to improve sports performance! For more information, log on to

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