Rattlers Ready to Rumble in the ATL

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This year’s matchup looks to be turning into a running backs showcase. Last year the Rattlers Anthony Edwards 101 yard rushing performance was over shadowed by Javaar Williams' 229 yards on the ground.

This year the Rattlers have a freshman Phenom Philip Sylvester toting the mail, but don't ask him about comparisons.

"Really, when I go in to a game I don't compare myself with anybody else or compete with him cause what he does has nothing to do with what I do. I'm gonna do what I'm capable of doing," said FAMU tailback Philip Sylvester.

A&M won the game last year, but the defense still gave up a ton of yards. The Rattler "D," the second chance is sweet.

"You have to be aggressive and willing to step to any challenge. I feel that any challenge you put in our face, we're willing to step up to the plate," said FAMU linebacker Dannel Shepard.

This year’s classic should live up to billing. One thing’s for sure; it's gonna be loud.

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