FSU Versus 'Bama, Not Just One for the Ages

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The FSU versus 'BAMA matchup is one for the ages for sure, but also one for right now, as the winner will likely be in the top 25 rankings when it's all said and done.

As it is, you can expect an even match. Both teams know for their rich history and tradition have fallen on tough times.

It has led to a completely new coaching staff in Tuscaloosa, while Bobby Bowden made his first significant changes in years this off-season after the offense struggled in '06.

As far as where the teams stand up to now, the each come in with just one loss.

"We know Alabama is a good team just like us. We know its gonna be a competitive game and that's what we really want. So we have to go out as an offense and as a team step up. We know it's gonna be a competitive game so we have step up to the challenge," says junior wide receiver Greg Carr.

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