Got Game: Tallahassee Roller Derby

Sure football has all the makings for huge collisions and great sportsmanship... But what sport has the same collisions but with great sports-womanship? Roller Derby! And what do you know-- Tallahassee has its own derby team that knows how to punish the competition.

Roller derby in the Capital City is anything but quiet, and the Tallahassee Rollergirls, more specifically a team called Capital Punishment have been bringing in capacity crowds... And they've also brought in a winning record.

Tallahassee Rollergirls President Kelly Ruggles says:
"We were (6-1) this season. We lost to Tampa Bay, but they told us that we were the toughest they've ever been played. So they were surprised."

The surprise also comes from the cast of characters that are common by day and electrifying by night.

Kelly Ruggles says
"We have teachers, law enforcement officers, bartenders, waitresses... a bunch of different girls who all come out to compete and beat the snot out of each other... It's just great fun."

While the season is over for Capital Punishment, the ladies are back in action November 10th for a scrimmage in Beachton, Georgia... After that there's a Statewide Championship down in Tampa this February. Either way, Roller Derby is clearly back on the map in the Capital City thanks to these ladies with a whole lot of game.

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