ACC Academic Honor Roll Announced

Seminole ACC Players of the Year Brianna Barry (volleyball), Susan Kuijken (women’s cross country), Tiffany McCarty (women’s soccer offensive) and Kim Williams (women’s indoor field) and five-time honorees Lydia Willemse (cross country) and Christina Woytalewicz (cross country) highlight a list of 216 Florida State student-athletes listed on the 54th annual Atlantic Coast Conference Academic Honor Roll. The list recognizes academic excellence by student-athletes during the 2009-10 academic year and was announced today by Commissioner John Swofford.

The Honor Roll is comprised of student-athletes who participated in a varsity-level sport and registered a grade point average of 3.00 or better for the full academic year. The conference acknowledged 2,761 student-athletes in total for their hard work in the classroom during the 2009-10 academic year.

In addition to FSU’s two five-time honorees, the Seminoles also celebrate 14 student-athletes who are four-time honorees with Jean-Yves Aubone (tennis), Caila Coleman (track & field), Kimberly Diaz (soccer), Jennifer Guyler (swim/dive), Georgia Holderness (swim/dive), Brittany Janson (track & field), Ochuko Jenije (football), Jamie Kuhn (golf), Meredith Martelle (swim/dive), Aleia Monden (swim/dive), Daniel Parvin (football), Christian Ponder (football), Katie Sirounis (swim/dive) and David Toffaletti (swim/dive).

The complete listing of all ACC Academic Honor Roll honorees can be found at Florida State’s honorees are listed below.

Katherine Adham 3 Swimming/Diving

Lacey Agnew 3 Golf

Robin Ahrberg 3 Softball

Zachary Aronson 3 Football

Jean- Yves Aubone 4 Tennis

Jamie Barrett 1 Swimming/Diving

Gonzalo Barroilhet 3 Track

Brianna Barry 3 Volleyball

Kaylie Belcik 1 Cross Country

Jared Bell 1 Cross Country

Mallory Borden 1 Softball

Justin Bright 1 Football

Ronald Britzius 1 Football

Jacob Brooks 1 Cross Country

Mark Brown 1 Track

Parker Brunelle 3 Baseball

Andres Bucaro 1 Tennis

Justin Byrd 2 Track

Ashley Calhoun 1 Cross Country

Ricardo Cannon 1 Football

Stephen Cardullo 3 Baseball

Jessie Carr 3 Swimming/Diving

Kayann Chambers 3 Track

Erika Charlassier 1 Cross Country

Pasca Cheruiyot 1 Cross Country

Brian Chibudu 2 Track

Charles Clark 3 Track

Chasity Clayton 1 Basketball

Kyle Cobb 1 Golf

Caila Coleman 4 Track

Chad Colley 3 Football

Allison Collins 1 Softball

Justin Corder 1 Track

Amber Cornell 2 Track

Christopher Coulter 1 Football

Michelle Cullum 1 Track

Amanda DaCosta 1 Soccer

Ohmed Danesh 1 Baseball

Kimberly Diaz 4. Soccer

Philip Doumar 1 Football

Jordan Dulcie 1 Football

Deividas Dulkys 1 Basketball

Jennifer Dunn 1 Cross Country

Briana Emanuel 1 Track

Keith Embree 1. Tennis

Shawn Erickson 2 Swimming/Diving

Tyler Everett 3 Baseball

Erin Fabrizio 1 Cross Country

Jennifer Farnung 1 Cross Country

Alex Fernandez 1 Swimming/Diving

Bryan Fixelle 1 Football

Mary Catherine 1 Cross Country

Elijah Flood 1 Swimming/Diving

Valerie Flournoy 2 Track

Michael Fout 2 Cross Country

Dan Frebel 3 Swimming/Diving

John Gast 2 Baseball

Joshua Gehres 1 Football

Kara Georgiadis 1 Volleyball

Liz Gerrity 1 Cross Country

Julia Gibson 1 Track

Lauren Giffin 2 Track

Callie Giffin 2 Track

Sean Gilmartin 1 Baseball

Terese Gober 3 Softball

Justin Gonzalez 1 Baseball

John Grellner 1 Cross Country

Jennifer Guyler 4 Swimming/Diving

Tory Haddad 1 Softball

Arica Halila 1 Cross Country

Sarah Hamilton 2 Softball

Justin Harbor 1 Cross Country

Warren Harper 2 Track

Marissa Harrington 1 Swimming/Diving

Taylor Harris 1 Swimming/Diving

Robby Hayes 2 Swimming/Diving

Michael Hebert 1 Golf

Brittany Hilliker 1 Cross Country

Georgia Holderness 4 Swimming/Diving

Robert Holderness 3 Swimming/Diving

Tyler Holt 2. Baseball

Dustin Hopkins 1 Football

Bryan Howard 3 Track

Kate Hoyt 1 Cross Country

Matthew Huckaby 3 Cross Country

Jennifer Hughes 1 Volleyball

Christian Hunnicutt 2 Basketball

Victoria Huster 2 Soccer

Hibai Iriondo 1 Swimming/Diving

Shayla Jackson 1 Softball

Andrew Jacobs 3 Track

Jenna Jacoby 1 Swimming/Diving

Charles Janson 2 Track

Brittany Janson 4 Track

Ines Jaurena 1 Soccer

Ochuko Jenije 4 Football

Michelle Jenije 1 Track

Marissa Kazbour 3 Soccer

Nicole Kenna 2 Cross Country

John Kennedy 1 Track

Kayli Keough 2 Basketball

Mallory Kiley 1 Volleyball

Nicholas Klein 1 Swimming/Diving

Jamie Kuhn 4 Golf

Susan Kuijken 2 Cross Country

Jen Lapicki 1 Softball

Matthew Leeder 2 Cross Country

Rachel Lim 2 Soccer

Collin Lomagistro 2 Track

Owen Long 1 Tennis

Luke Loucks 2 Basketball

Anna Maciejko 1 Track

Sarah MacKey 1 Track

Corben Madden 1 Baseball

Nicholas Maedel 1 Cross Country

EJ Manuel 1 Football

Meredith Martelle 4 Swimming/Diving

Bree McArdle 3 Cross Country

Tiffany McCarty 2 Soccer

Kristie McConn 3 Softball

Lauren McCreless 1 Tennis

Stephen McGee 1 Baseball

Katherine McMeekin 1 Cross Country

Erin McNulty 3 Soccer

Pilar McShine 2 Cross Country

Nichole Mercier 1 Soccer

Holly Mills 3 Swimming/Diving

Vahid Mirzadeh 2 Tennis

Aleia Monden 4 Swimming/Diving

Tifani Mullen 1 Soccer

Lauren Mullins 1 Softball

Pablo Navarrete 3 Track

Emily Ness 2 Cross Country

Michael Neubacher 1 Swimming/Diving

Stephanie Neville 3 Volleyball

Frank Nicholas 1 Football

Jessica Nori 1 Softball

Andrea Palen 1 Cross Country

Jessica Parry 1 Cross Country

Daniel Parvin 4 Football

Kristine Polley 1 Swimming/Diving

Christian Ponder 4 Football

Jenevah Porter 1 Cross Country

Anthony Porterfield 1 Football

Tyler Price 3 Cross Country

Jessica Price 3 Soccer

Lonnie Pryor 1 Football

Amanda Quick 3 Cross Country

Mary Beth Ramsay 1 Golf

James Ramsey 2 Baseball

Ridge Read 1 Football

Anderson Reed 1 Tennis

Lauren Richardson 3 Volleyball

Joshua Rodriquez 2 Football

Jenna Romanelli 3 Volleyball

Courtney Rosen 1 Softball

Lisi Rowland 2 Swimming/Diving

Shanea Rufus 1 Track

Katie Rybakova 2 Tennis

Jessica Sabotin 2 Swimming/Diving

Casey Sandlin 1 Swimming/Diving

Stephanie Sarandos 2 Swimming/Diving

Amanda Saxton 1 Volleyball

Noemie Scharle 1 Tennis

Kelly Schiefer 2 Track

Jacqueline Schroeder 1 Swimming/Diving

Colleen Schwab 1 Track

William Secord 1 Football

Matthew Shead 2 Swimming/Diving

Samara Shepherd 1 Basketball

Casey Short 2 Soccer

Macarena Silva 3 Golf

Erin Simmons 3 Track

Katie Sirounis 4 Swimming/Diving

Sharif Small 1 Track

Gage Smith 1 Baseball

Connor Smith 1 Tennis

Caroline Smith 1 Swimming/Diving

Lyndsey Spragins 1 Cross Country

Briar Stanley 1 Softball

Aaron Steele 2 Track

Stevi Steinhauer 3 Swimming/Diving

Ella Stephan 2 Soccer

Lucas Stowers 1 Track

Shannon Stuckman 3 Track

Jessica Sucupira 1 Tennis

Federica Suess 2 Tennis

Abbey Sutton 1 Track

Corey Swanson 1 Swimming/Diving

Lauren Switzer 2 Soccer

Jeffrey Taccetta 3 Football

Stuart Tapley 2 Baseball

Kara Taylor 1 Cross Country/Track

Christopher Thompson 1 Football

Hannah Thomson 1 Golf

David Toffaletti 4 Swimming/Diving

Dale Townsend 1 Softball

Devon Travis 1 Baseball

David Trexler 1 Baseball

Lauren Varsalona 2 Softball

Stephanie Wernke 1 Track

Lydia Willemse 5 Cross Country

Kevin Williams 2 Track

Kimberly Williams 2 Track

Danielle Williams 2 Track

Taylor Wilson 3 Volleyball

Amanda Winslow 1 Cross Country

Christina Woytalewicz 5 Cross Country

Carly Wynn 4 Softball

Kelsey Wys 1 Soccer

Tyson Young 1 Baseball

Vincent Zann 3 Football

Susanna Zorn 2 Soccer

Courtney Zuber 1 Volleyball

Margo Zwerling 2 Track

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