Inside the Game

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32 year old Shawn Reed has been doing his job for 15 months now. What is it that he does for a living? He helps shed light on whats happening in the athletic department at Valdosta State University.

Reed let us follow him on his rounds for the day as he talked to media, coaches and worked on content for the internet. Here are some of the things that Reed had to say during the day,

"Right now I'm working on game notes for this weekend. It's just a little information on our team, information on our opponents. Just any
information that our radio or TV could could use for this weekend end."

"One of the big things that we have to do is make sure the coaches have the information they need so that includes stats from the opponent, depth chart and rosters from the opponent."

"Sports information isn't one of the glamor jobs for working in athletics. It's a lot of long hours. Lot of people get into it and start to realize the long hours and get out."

"During any sports season, it not going to be uncommon to work 60 hours a week. Sometimes, it's going to go to 80 hours a week."
"We're fielding calls, fielding requests, we're basically the information hub of the sports department."

"The coaches understand you need the exposure and we're at the level where people aren't beating down the doors, they're willing to do anything that comes up pretty much, even at anytime."

"If you love sports and don't mind working long hours, it's really good."

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