Godby High School Football Preview

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According to Junior Defensive Back Thurston Davis Jrs., "There's a lot more intensity this year, we got a lot more communication and hopefully we're going all the way. "

For the Godby Cougars their mission is still the same. Although the offseason brought in new head coach Ronnie Cottrell with a new game plan, the players have embraced it.

"I really like the leadership of this team, the coaching staff is doing a great job working together, and we've had some adverse situations because a lot of things we had to do has been late but we're excited, we're excited about our team." says coach Ronnie Cottrell.

Offensive Line coach Cleon McFarlane adds, "We've changed the tempo up, so we're bouncing around a lot more and these kids have really embraced that, and they're enjoying the new tempo we've installed."

"The coaches are great, I like their intensity, there working with us more this year, they got a lot more going for us this year and making sure we on track." says Davis.

The Cougars are excited for the upcoming season and ready to make things click on the football field.

"The guys are all a year older, we return guys in a lot of key places like the quarterback position." sasy McFarlane.

"The biggest need I thikn is the need to play together, we have to find a way for eleven guys to be at one heart beat at all times. " adds Cottrell.

And the make that happen- Coach Cottrell says there's only one thing to do.

" We were trying to do is be good at what we do, try to eliminate mistakes and try to be good at the things that Godby High School does "

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