Dirt-Biking a Great Option to Keep Active

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We now turn away from football to talk some dirt biking... A perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors this fall.

In Tallahassee, Amir Cyrus and friends hit the park today and for Cyrus, the trails in Tom Brown park are world class. He should know since he has been bike riding for 12 years and has been on trails in California, North Carolina and even Germany.

It's one of the area's greatest jewels, Cyrus says the park is convenient in its proximity, and it has plenty to offer.

Amir Cyrus explains, "The trails are really tight here. They're really quick turns. You got to think within split seconds which you want to go; otherwise, you could hit a tree. There's a lot of nice hills you can just ride over the top, plus you got that lake. It's a beautiful finish to riding."

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