Every Team Has A Story: Extending Your Career in the Rec Leagues

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TALLAHASSEE--- Every athlete has his glory days, and for Brent Marsh, a relief pitcher for the Florida State Seminoles, it came in 2006, when he went 3-1 with a 2.45 ERA. The story doesn't end there. It's a tale that every athlete must face. Keeping your playing days alive.

"Now that I can't play baseball competitively, now I come out here to enjoy hanging out with buddies, and hit the ole softball around here and there," says Marsh, the former Nole.

Playing ball on the diamond is very much en vogue in the Big Bend and in South Georgia. In fact, in the Tallahassee Park and Recreation Leagues, there are 175 teams with approximately 20 players on each team. The athlete is very much alive in many working people in the area.

"It's mainly more for the 18-28 year olds, not for my age, but we're doing the best we can right now," says the 45-year old Duffy Young.

The games aren't limited to just the players either. With the sun setting during game-time, this is a perfect setting to enjoy some ball with a glove on your hand, or watching from the stands.

"I like to come out to the games to watch my boyfriend Case play, it's really fun atmosphere out here," explains Courtney Laing.

With fans in the stands, and players playing ball, it's a story that doesn't need an early ending.

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