UF's Joiner 8th Gator to be in Legal Trouble

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) _ Florida safety Tony Joiner was arrested
early Tuesday and charged with felony burglary.
Gainesville police say the senior captain of the ninth-ranked
Gators was arrested around 5 a.m. outside the fenced impound lot of
a towing company.
But the owner of the property leased by the towing company says
the whole thing is a misunderstanding. Stan Forron says he plans to
urge the state attorney's office to drop the charges.
Joiner is accused of pushing an electric gate open to enter the
lot in an attempt to retrieve his girlfriend's car, which was being
held in lieu of a $76 towing bill.
Joiner's arrest comes two days after three players were
questioned about a shooting outside a downtown nightclub. The
players were not considered suspects, but their names were given to
police as people who may have witnessed the shooting that happened
several hours after the Gators' 20-17 upset loss to Auburn.

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