The Rattlers Respond to Chester Quitting

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Some shocking news hit the air last night as Al's lost for FAMU. That refers to Albert Chester, the senior starting quarterback for the FAMU Rattlers. Last night just before practice, Chester simply quit.

That, my friends, is a shocker considering that Chester has led the Rattlers to two Florida Classic victories, and is fresh off a win at the Atlanta Classic.

As for the reaction at Rattler camp, confusion, perplexed, bewildered, that's all my thesaurus had.

This one came out of nowhere in fact, as of today's practice, Coach Rubin Carter has yet to hear from Albert Chester himself.

Looks like the Rattlers will be pinning their hopes on Leon Camel for here on out, because Albert Chester is gone!

"He decided to quit. Nobody really knows why, but that's what he felt that he had to do, so that's what he did. The team, we got to keep going. You know, one man doesn't stop the show. We'll keep going on game at a time," said linebacker Vernon Wilder.

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