FAMU's Albert Chester & Reaction from Rattlers

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The big sports topic is still a sticky situation staring FAMU right in the face. Rattlers starting quarterback Albert Chester, Jr. is now just a 5th year pharmacy major...

Chester confided to the Tallahassee Democrat Tuesday night that he was leaving the team. Since then, Chester hasn't spoken with the athletics department, or even Coach Rubin Carter himself. The news is a shocker, but Chester referred to a series of health issues as the root of the problem. Injuries that over the past 2 seasons riddled their way from abscesses in his leg to a sprained right shoulder, including numbness in his throwing arm. Citing an entrapped nerve in his elbow, he went on to state that ''playing this year has been a painful experience.'' Chester had a written personal statement that referred to the injuries and thanked the FAMU fans for supporting him over the years. But with Winston Salem awaiting the Rattlers Saturday in Indianapolis for the Circle City Classic, the show must now go on without No. 2 as the number 1 QB.

Middle Linebacker Vernon Wilder Comments:
"I was disappointed. You know, I think he'd come to the locker room and you know, tell what's going on to his teammates and coaches but you know he decided he wouldn't handle it like that. So that's what happened."

Rubin Carter says:
"Our team will come together. We've been through a lot of adversity. Much more in the past when I originally arrived here and a lot more over the last 100 years of Florida A&M football. We'll persevere even through this situation."

"We're okay. I'm okay with it. You know, you just always want to have the type of relationship where you can sit down and talk through situations and talk through problems."

"There's always some adversity and some type of transition you have to go through as a football team and as a football program. We've been able to overcome a great deal and this situation will be no different for us. We'll find a way to come together as a football team and as a football family," concludes Carter.

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