Falcons Try to Fetch Vick's Signing Bonus

PHILADELPHIA (AP) _ NFL Players Association lawyers argue that
the league's collective bargaining agreement protects Michael Vick
from the Atlanta Falcons' attempts to be refunded up to 22 million
dollars in bonus money.
The Falcons feel the suspended quarterback knew he was in
violation of the contract when he signed the 130 million dollar
deal in December of 2004, and that he used proceeds from the deal
to fund his dogfighting operation.
According to the University of Pennsylvania law professor and
special master who led the arbitration hearing, a decision is
expected by the 12th of this month.
Vick has admitted helping to kill six to eight dogs, among other
things, and pleaded guilty to a federal conspiracy charge August
27th. He faces up to five years in prison when he's sentenced
December 10th on the federal charges. He's also facing state felony
charges in Virginia.

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