SGMP – Simply The Best

Just as in the Olympics with the torch being passed for each runner to continue its progression, the time has come to pass along South Georgia Motorsports Park (SGMP). On Monday Oct 1, 2007, Larry Dean passed the torch of his dream to Rowland and Kim Wood who will continue to expand the nationally known racing facility.

Very well known and respected in the drag racing community and owner of CSR Performance Products, Rowland Wood responded, “I have always wanted to own a race track. There is not a single facility anywhere with this much potential. And I have been to all of them”

In 2002, Larry Dean had a vision for a racing facility in South Georgia. He did not just want a race track, but a first class race complex that would bring quality race programs from all over the country. There were many obstacles along the way the first being a proper location. Cook County stepped to the plate approving a location just north of Cecil for the facility of what would be South Georgia Motorsports Park and what a remarkable facility that dream would become.

Shortly after only a few events Dean’s son Shad found himself managing the track. With limited knowledge of the racing business, Shad brought in numerous events that exposed the world to South Georgia. Being modest, Shad gives the credit to Richard Hall, Thomas Dickerson, Kelly Dasher and many more dedicated folks plus all the racers who have competed there.

Quickly becoming one of the most talked about tracks in the country, the SGMP speedway has been on countless televised races. Race teams in NASCAR, NHRA, IHRA and others can often be seen testing their programs in Cecil. Just a few weeks ago on national TV, George Brice told one of his star riders, Peggy Liewellyn to ride her Pro Stock bike just as she had at SGMP. It must have worked given that she won big in Texas. It should also not be underplayed of the thousands of sportsman racers who look forward to racing at SGMP each year.

Had it not been for the diligent comment from Larry Dean, his son Shad and the Dean Family, South Georgia Motorsports Park would have never happened. With their back ground in construction and enlisting talents from the late Don Reames, one must believe that no one else could have created the facility to the primer motorsports facility that it is.

Rowland and Kim Wood are extremely involved in drag racing. As a drag racer and visionary, the management of SGMP saw a need for quality racing products. With each product labeled “Simply the Best”, The Wood’s built ‘CSR’ to a nationally recognized line of racing products. As the new owners of South Georgia Motorsports Park one can expect the Wood’s to continue that same “Simply the Best” mind set to both the drag strip as well as the speedway.

From a very committed involvement with the Jr Dragster program to their son Jason’s involvement in research and development as well as racing Top Sportsman and daughter Linsey’s successful first season in Top Alcohol Dragster, the entire Wood family live and breath racing. While most of the Wood family experience revolves around drag racing, the racers and fans of the speedway need not worry about being neglected. “We plan to grow both racing programs from the seeds that have been planted by the Dean family” stated Wood. “SGMP needs both to be successful”

So what can one expect to see with the Wood’s at the helm ? The short answer is more events on both tracks with the first event to be added being ‘Racer Appreciation Day’ on November 3rd. The first Saturday in November will start with a full bracket race then closing the night with the McDonald’s Super Series with details soon to follow.

The racing community will forever be indebted to Larry and Shan Dean for their commitment of countless time, money and effort to bring all us fans of motorsports, the nicest facility in the south. We will remain indebted for placing it in the trusting hands of Rowland and Kim Wood who will make it, Simply the Best!

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