VSU Freshman Doesn't Lack Experience

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"I wanted to play ball again because I still feel I have it in me and that I'm here at VSU, a freshman still feeling like a young man."

Those are the words of Schneider Cineus. Cineus is a young man with quite a history. The 6-foot-3, 220-pounder is a freshman at Valdosta State University, but he is a 24-year old freshman with five years of experience in the Navy.

Cineus said, "I've been to Iraq four times in the span of six months and then one year in the span of three months serving on the U.S.S."

Cineus' military background and size enabled him to catch the eyes of VSU's coaching staff and eventually land him a job as a walk-on.

Cineus said, "They liked what they'd seen I guess and they needed help at a certain position and I'm just here helping out and thankful to be playing ball again."

Battling linemen in the trenches can be a daunting task but not for Cineus. After all, he's seen a lot more while in the Navy.

He said, "Our boat had got attacked by three timed-RPG missiles. Only two of them went off. One hit the factory and the other flew over the boat, so we had a real-life situation, so that experience was real scary, but you know you're doing it for your country and you're doing what you're told out there so I got to see different countries, different people, different buildings, different cultures of life, and different money in other cities so it was a great experience."

Cineus wouldn't trade his experience overseas for anything in the world, but now this one-time Midshipmen is looking to blaze a new path for himself at VSU.