Every Team Has A Story: Right Down Your Alley

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While football, baseball, and basketball grab the headlines, the sport of bowling is seldom discussed in Tallahassee. That's because until recently,
In today's Every Team has a story, Rob Shaw tells us, bowling is soon to take center stage.

It all began as an idea bringing high school bowling to Tallahassee.

"My idea, I've had it for about 7 years, this is actually the second year of it, we have a one-day tournament in February, and we all had 4 boys teams and 3 girls teams there, and that generated the interest in it," says Leon High bowling coach James Graves.

The next move was to make it official, getting the Florida High School Athletic Association to recognize Tallahassee as a bowling league. Coach Graves always knew that the interest was there.

"Yes, I think bowling does have a chance, if we can get the kids out there, and get the faculty sponsors for the teams for the schools Leon has about 60 kids, and Rickards has got about 35," adds Graves.

"I've been doing it since I was 5 years old, and I was playing football, and I'm done with that now, so I decided to join the bowling team," comments Leon High bowler James Moffett.

"It's actually fun, we come out, we try to concentrate... and we have a fun time, it's great," says Richards High bowler Thurman Smith.

The FHSAA has recognized Leon and Rickards bowling teams and have placed them in District 3. As the story goes on, the Lions and Raiders hope for more competition from around the Big Bend.

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