FSU Football in Recovery Mode Monday

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After watching the clock run out on them Thursday night, the Noles coaches faced the media on Monday morning with plenty of questions to answer.

Naturally, the quarterback position faces the brunt of the questions, though looking at the stats and some game film, you can't say that Lee didn't move the ball or make some things happen.

The same cannot be said about the offense as a whole. The running game was absent once again.

Plus, when the Noles had a chance to extend their 14-7 halftime lead, they struggled, and the Demon Deacons took advantage. With the Noles now 4-2 on the season, and 1-2 in their conference, first year offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher knows that the Noles have to improve.

"As a quarterback you're always going to have a lot of things on you. There were some things that I thought he had done wrong, but after looking at the film, some other guys could've helped him a little bit on some situations," said Fisher.

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