Jaguars Are Now In Full Attack Mode

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We're talking some football today, and in light of the three local losses on the college grid-iron, I turn our attention to the closest professional team, and that is the Jacksonville Jaguars.

It's been an odd season for them, as they were slow out of the trenches after firing their starting quarterback just before the season began, handing the reigns to David Garrard, and watching their rushing attack stall to open the season.

Fortunately, after suffering a loss the first week of the season, the Jags have improved dramatically each week, and they currently sit 4 and 1.

While David Garrard has been Mr. Consistency, throwing a touchdown in each game, without recording one interception.

It's running back Maurice Jones-Drew that has all the kids liking him these days, and this is why:

"I'm young, I can do all of that. I can do all that summer-saulting, and cartwheels, and all that good stuff, so still young, most of you guys out there pushing what? 50? See, I'm 22," says the lightening quick Jones-Drew.

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