Another Monday for Questions and Answers

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Another Monday of question-answer. The big question right now in Seminole land is did Xavier Lee do enough to earn another start.

Let's sort through the empirical data. Xavier Lee threw two touchdowns against the Demon Deacons. With the rushing attack all-but-vanished, he also gained 283 yards on the air, and tacked on another touchdown from the ground.

On the flip side, he did throw 2 interceptions, and struggled early in the second half.

While our opinions mean a lot to us, whether he will start or not is balanced on the opinion of one.

So Jimbo Fisher, will the X-man start?

"That's the plan unless someone goes out in practice... and he doesn't perform up to par. There's some plays in that game that he wished he could have done better, but there's some plays that I wish other guys in the team have done better, it wasn't all, it goes back to too much blame, too much the other, we just had chances in the game, and didn't execute in the second half," says Fisher.

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