FSU VS Miami, Not the Same Old Song

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Let's talk a little interstate rivalry between the Noles and Canes. This year, while the rivalry remains in tact, it just doesn't have the same national implications with neither team ranked.

In fact, both teams are not even in the top half of their conference divisions, as each team sits just one spot from last place.

The Noles recently have the upper hand in this series, winning the past two games, which came after a 6-game Miami win streak.

Another reason this game might not create the same fanfare it once did is that the games have become boring. Only two touchdowns were scored in each of the last two contests with Miami.

Regardless, come Saturday, all the players will put everything on the line.

"It does feel a little different, but you know it is still Miami. They're still a formidable opponent. They didn't play as well last week as they could. we expect them to bring their "A" game. We're coming off a loss as well so we're gonna do the same," says FSU Rover Myron Rolle.

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