Leon Camel Takes Blame, as Rattlers Prepare to Move On

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Another week in the books and another loss for the Rattlers. Even worse, FAMU was blown out for the first time this year.

The SC State Bulldogs ran up the score on the Rattlers to 49-14, and that's with them going scoreless in the final quarter of play.

The Rattlers managed one touchdown early, and one late, as their freshman quarterback Eddie Battle got a taste of the college game, scoring his first points.

As with any football team, the guy under center is always the first to take the blame. The 5'6 Leon Camel stands tall to carry the weight of the team on his shoulders.

"I put everything on myself. I'm the leader of this team. I put everything on my shoulders. I didn't sustain any drives. I didn't move the ball down the field. I didn't keep the defense off the field. The defense was on the field for most of the game. Me being the quarterback of this team I can't do those things for us to win the game," says Camel.

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