Every Team Has A Story: USF, Florida's Best?

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The Gators, Noles and Canes have enjoyed a fine rotation of glory days in Division 1 football over the years, but it's time for another team to enter the mix. Ladies and Gentleman I introduce you to the Bulls.

Former Thomas County Yellow Jacket Dontavia Bogan says, "It feels good noticing that we're winning and everything, we're starting to get more respect around the country."

"I got recruited by USF, but never heard of them... it was an up and coming program, and it's brand new, a lot of people don't know about USF, I think they're starting to realize and know our name now though," adds teammate Carlton Williams.
Just a decade ago, the Bulls kicked off their inaugural season of football. Four years later, they are moved to Division I. Four years pass and they're welcomed into the Big East. To the current, the Bulls are 6-0 and have a shot at playing in the national championship game.

"There's a lot of talking, so they might not put us in the national championship yet, there's teams out there like Ohio State and teams that are put in front of us with one loss," says defensive back Michael Jenkins.

"I like the position we're in right now, I'm not thinking about all that other stuff... I get distracted like everybody else, but I try to keep them to the minimum," says head coach Jim Leavitt.

To advance to that championship game, the Bulls will likely avoid playing any top 20 teams along the way, which adds fuel to the fire of whether running the table in the Big East is worthy of a national title shot.

Of course, the Bulls in the NBA were never considered winners until that Michael guy showed up as well.

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