Rattlers Hope to Maintain Tradition Against Norfolk State

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Just a week after the Noles and Blazers played on Thursday night, the Rattlers plan to do the same tonight. Perhaps they didn't get the memo. Both the Noles and Blazers lost last week, and this week, even the weather is a little grumpy.

On paper, this don't look good for the Rattlers. They are struggling as of late, with 2 consecutive losses, and tonight they face a Norfolk State team that is 4-0 in the conference, and 5-1 on the season.

This is an about-face from last year, when the Rattlers maintained an annual event, beating the Spartans on the road. Their ninth straight win against them.

"This team we're playing against you know I think they're looking to have success because they haven't had it against Florida A&M you know over the last 9 tries, so they're coming in with the frame of mind that they want to do something different and something special. That completes their year, if they come in here and they're successful against us and that's something we can't allow to happen," says FAMU head coach Rubin Carter.

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