Xavier Lee Finds Himself at the Center of Attention

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One thing that Leon Camel and Xavier Lee can agree on, is that is is not easy to be the quarterback of your football team.

Not only is it the most demanding position on the grid-iron, as you are involved in every single offensive play, but you are also the center of attention for the fans and the media watching the game.

Even the phrase Monday quarterbacking has become popular in the sports fan lingo, as people like to second guess the QB's decision.

Truth is that this is a position that Xavier Lee has been vying for throughout his Seminole career. Jimbo Fisher has been preparing him since day one of his tenure.

The Noles starting quarterback says, "He is a very demanding coach, but at the same time, at the quarterback position, you need to know you're going to be scrutinized that much more, but he's just preparing us for the worst... Whatever he thinks he needs to do, he'll do."

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