VSU Ready To Return to Win Column

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The Blazers have been perfect on the weekends, but last week's Thursday collapse has them in troubled waters since they still have North Alabama on their schedule and must win to advance to the post-season.

This weekend, the Blazers look to return to the win column against a weak West Alabama squad.

West Bama still looking for their first conference win of the season, while the thirteenth ranked Blazers are now 3-1, good enough for third place.

Some good news at practice this week, as the Blazers have come out fired up.

"I thought the guys would drag a little bit still feeling a bit of a hang over from the loss... but they came out with a lot of intensity, a lot of momentum. A lot of them are excited about getting out here and basically they are excited about getting back out here and proving to everyone that they are still a good football team," says Head Blazer David Dean.

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